Queerzone3000 Podcast 001 – Berlin Calling

Queerzone3000 Podcast 001

PODCAST 001 – Berlin Calling

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In the first episode of the Queerzone3000 podcast, we interviewed director Juliet Bashore about the documentary The Battle of Tuntenhaus. Many thanks to her for agreeing to take part, we had a great chat.

Juliet Bashore

The Tuntenhaus or “House of Queers” was originally a squat on the Mainzer Strasse in East Berlin. The Battle of Tuntenhaus follows the fortunes of the community through the days of anarchy and riots that followed German reunification to the sudden invasion by three thousand West German police, armed with tanks and tear gas in a massive operation to evict the squatters

We also discussed her 1986 film Kamikaze Hearts which you can stream and download here (commercial paid service). An extended interview about Kamikaze Hearts (conducted by a site called The Rialto Report) can be found here.