Not Dead Yet

Boy With Wings presents a new collaboration with legendary artist David Hoyle.

Boy With Wings is a collaborative music, performance and recording outfit between Leo Francisco, Sean Burns and Thomas Doherty. In search of euphoria, the family forever cling together, clattering through post-industrial wastelands; from lonely gay bars to deserted beaches.

David Hoyle is an artist, avant-garde performer, actor and director. His work is known to combine disparate elements, including satirical comedy, surrealism, painting and singing. His performances onstage and TV have led him to become something of a legend on the cabaret circuit.

Written and produced by Boy With Wings and David Hoyle
Boy With Wings – Leo Francisco, Sean Burns, Thomas Doherty
Recorded – Coda to Coda
Mastered – Denis Blackman, Skye Mastering
Artwork – Thomas Doherty, Jenkin Van Zyl