Julia Star – This Girl

Julia Star – This Girl

“Me and Dasha once spoke about getting matching “Man are trash” forehead tattoos. Women are so often not allowed to be angry or they carry the burden of men’s despairs and don’t find the room for their own emotions This Girl is about having problems creating romantic relationships, in this instance with men.

In the song I’m listing examples of how my previous partners have disappointed me, and it’s a very long list cause I haven’t been very lucky in my life… It’s just so hard to form relationships when you had some kind of trauma in your life, it manifests in different ways like choosing destructive or toxic partners.

It’s fine to be angry it’s fine to be emotional it’s fine to acknowledge, respect and express your rage or sadness. The video itself is about the healing power of friendship in a way and the way we collaborate is based on mutual support love and respect.”

At Queerzone, we have been following the music of Julia Star since the very beginning. With a prolific rate of releases, she has teamed up with a wealth of great producers including another Qzone favourite Mx World. Julia’s unique vocal flow can simultaneously bring tears to your eyes and light a defiant fire in your soul.

This latest release “This Girl” produced by Making Sense and video by  is a kind of punky-techno-hip-hop cross over that immediately gets you up off your ass and reaching for the play button anew. This song acts as a fuck you towards the heteronormative expectations that are often applied in relationships and also offers a sense of reflection and learning from those experiences, culminating in the “There’s no way I’m going back there” line.

To those that know her, Julia has always been a star. All the loser exes out there should take note, this girl is gonna go far and you can’t stop her.

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