Fistahood House

Fistahood HouseFistahood House Project

We cannot say exactly what it is at this point because it hasn’t fully taken form yet. We know though that it is a queer space. A space that does not profit off the struggles of queer lives, the time we’ve invested in figuring out the meaning of our bodies. Fistahood House is a physical space located in Stockholm, Sweden and open and ready for sweet loving whispers and hot clenched fists. We do not apologise and we won’t be sorry if it doesn’t suit everyone. No space ever does.

Our aim is to be there for those who never felt that a space belonged to them or they belonged in it. Those who always have to expect gaze of exotification and disgust to be laid upon them as soon as they walk out into the “public”. We want to create this place with you. Through the making of art, through being, through creating a shared archive of experiences of what the space means at a moment in time. That is why we cannot say exactly this shall become. Because those conversations, those moments haven’t happened yet.

-The Fistahood