Fistahood House: XIII trēdeciM Dies VeneriS

XIII trēdeciM

Dies VeneriS


1-DiesVenerisLet go. Stop resisting. Transition is inevitable. The illusion of 12 is no more. What happens in the 13th moon cycle? Who will you become?

This Friday the 13th is the completion of the trilogy of undoing completeness. Divide the 39 weeks since the first Friday the 13th of this year with 3 and what do you get? The divine number of 13 of course. Is it the universe aligning or just coincidence, you decide. You can also choose weather to believe facts about the introduction of the Gregorian calendar as a way to squeeze Easter in to conveniently happen on the same day every year, or as a way to throw us of the universal rhythm, to hide the 13th moon connected with witches and those with the power of transformation and healing.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. Frigga is also the name of the powerful goddess also known as Freya. Why should we fear her?

On Friday the 13th of November, Dies Veneris- the day of Venus, we open the doorway for her to enter. We ask ourselves; what will happen when we let her in?




XxXperienced goddess of many faces and names
Maria Mario•••••••••••••Fjell

Medium of the 13th room




In my texts and performances, I fluctuate between the strong and the fragile, between the humorous and deeply painful. I am searching for meaning and context in a time of abundance, I achieve this by linguistically scanning the boundaries of sincerity and parody.




Ears, spear.

Pears; Pair.

Caught in that disturbed dislocation of adolescent politics.






Gin, founder of Black Magic, is a multi-disciplinary performance artist and DJ from London. Ranging from a variety of topics such as blackness, drag and the ridiculous. Gin’s pieces have been featured in Haus Performance Festival Berlin, The Glory – reputable drag & cabaret pub in London, a queer space in Gothenburg, as well as various other grottos throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Main thing about Gins pieces is that they’re one time only and never the same. May all preconceptions Burn.