Fistahood House: Reading Group

Fistahood House Reading Group


After our little break we will now resume with our weekly Thursday night reading group. We have a new set of texts, so for all of you who wanted to come last time but didn’t make it, here’s a new chance!
If you are interested in joining and want the texts contact Niki on>> nikolasminas(at)
For each meeting we read one text. Good to know is that the texts are all in English, but not on a very difficult level.

We meet at 18.00 and usually finish around 20.00.

So, this time around it’s time to talk about sex! Sex as work, sex in the patriarchal capitalist society and sex as resistance. We will read about ethics and morality and talk about who defines them. We will look at sex from an anarchist perspective but also how anarchists relate with issues around sex.

Other topics that will be discussed are BDSM sexual practices and the kind of consent that enables them. How does this kind of consent connect with the desire of the participants? How does it differentiate from the neo-liberal form of consent? Are these power erotic relations compatible with anarchism?

Hope to see you there!