Fistahood House: Drag Race Night

Fistahood House Drag Race Night

Fistahood House Film Night


Hiiiiiiiiii everyone! Welcome to our weekly Wednesday Rupaul’s Drag Race night, where we will show the latest Drag Race episode of season 8, yeeeei!

This is also a perfect opportunity for you to come and drag/genderfuck/or just be whatever you want and live the fantasy of your life.
If you wanna come and dress up with us here you are more than welcome to do so and share inspiration and tricks of the trade.

During the night we will also have some light snacks for u hungry people (don’t worry, it won’t just be an orange lil tic tac).

Fisthood House opens at —->18.00
Start of Rupaul´s Drag Race —-> 20.00

T-Station: Ropsten

Adress: Ropstensslingan 11, Stockholm

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