Culture Crush: Punk Roots

Culture Crush: Punk Roots

toni Tits/Tutti Fruitti's Salon

Its time to get organised, and what better way to start than with that new hair cut you so desperately need. Encrypt your bangs and code your curls. Slashes of garish colour, dramatic variation of lengths, plumes and spikes to mask the contours of your beautiful faces. Disrupt the all-seeing-eyes that track your every movement, tailor mind garbage advertisements to your skin colour and age, sucking meta data from every smile. 


The South-East London based artistic klöwn duo Tuttii Fruittii & Toni Tits run a non-binary Technicolor Hair sculpting salon in deepest Deptford. They also collaborate on their project CândyKöNK through a juicy blend of video, performance, photography & mixed media installation with a cherry on the top. Behind these colourful creatures lies a pool of never-ending inspiration for looks and styles, their own style they have designated as “JÛNGØLĀ KLÖWÑ”. This combined energetic creativity is put to use in their boundary-pushing perception of hair and kaleidoscopical range of sculpted hair styles. Tuttii the hair sculpting technician behind this all prides herself on versatility and claims that the salon is “All about you”. Anything ranging “from classic to extreme”, her vision is to create “a style that fits your personality. I want everyone leaving this hair salon to feel like a new person with the hair that fits exactly who they are, and that’s what Tuttii Fruittii hair salon is about.”

Currently they are being evicted from their current premises to make way for new luxury flats and urgently need to find a solution. They have found a basement whose owners are willing to give them 2 months to achieve their target and secure the space on Deptford High Street. Not only will it be bigger than our current caravan allowing us to hire more stylists and fit in all of our clients but it will enable us to expand our potential including Launching the Tuttii Fruittii Hair product and colour range.

This salon is also a non-binary space for every client to feel free with their identities whether they are trans, cis or gender fluid! London has seen a lot of queer spaces close down over the last 7 years due to a lack of support and the constant gentrification of our areas. The LGBTQIA+ community and their beautiful allies are therefore hugely lacking in spaces offering all-inclusive creative & innovative hair styles for gender non-conforming people at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. This means the project more than ever needs to see the light. WE NEED MORE QUEER SPACES TO EXIST AS THEY ARE SLOWLY DYING IN LONDON!

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