Chelsea Manning Letter Writing Meet up

Chelsea Manning DIY Space For London

Chelsea Manning is a former US military intelligence analyst turned whistleblower who leaked documents and other files to Wikileaks in 2010. The files revealed the disgusting disregard for Iraqi civilian life exhibited by the imperialist US military forces.

Sadly, her identity was uncovered and she was unjustly sentenced to 35 years in prison under the espionage act. After being subjected to torture in solitary confinement, Chelsea’s legal team were able to have her transferred to the gen pop of Fort Leavenworth, a maximum security military prison.

Although Chelsea won the right to access hormone replacement therapy for military prisoners, she is still subjected to sickening repression of her right to express her own gender. Like many other trans/non binary prisoners, Chelsea must be under immense distress in the cruel and unjust prison system.

Sadly, on July 5th, Chelsea attempted to take her own life. She has since made contact with layers and appears to be recovering. Now is the time for us to send our letters of support and solidarity to her, as it is one of her few means of communication she has with the outside world.

If you are able, bring pens, paint, paper, glitter etc to make colourful cards for Chelsea. Postage to the US costs £1.05 and should take about a week. You can either take your card with you and post them yourselves or we can take them to New Cross post office the following morning.


This event will take place courtesy of the babes at DIY Space For London

Wednesday 3rd August
96-108 Ormside Street
SE15 1TF London

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