Queerzone3000 Podcast 010 – Heavy Edit

After a two year hiatus, the critically acclaimed Queerzone podcast returns…  [Read More]

QUEERZONE3000 Open Qfesto

Queerzone3000 is a non-profit organisation committed to the furthering of arts, education and technology within the global LGBTQIA community.

We aim to create and sustain radical queer online spaces to promote and exhibit works that are relevant to and further the interests of the LGBTQIA community.

We will focus on promoting the works of minority groups within our community, that are generally denied a voice in mainstream culture.

We will promote free and open source software to empower people to truly own the technology they use and resist oppression.

We will promote free culture licences where possible, to distribute and modify resources outside of for-profit notions of ownership.

We stand in solidarity with other allied liberation struggles and hope that our resources will also be able to empower their communities simultaneously.

We will resist the closure of physical queer spaces and support any organisations that share this aim.

We will attempt to promote organisations that provide health and support services to the LGBTQIA community, that are both safe and ethical
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